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How this is going to help you

We start off with you helping me to understand the problem that you've been experiencing, and how you want things to look going forward. You'll be able to go into as much or as little detail as you're comfortable with. When helping people process trauma, often I will know almost nothing about what happened to the person, only how it effects their life.


From there we start to look at the behaviours and subconscious ways of thinking that are getting in your way, offering you clarity and new understanding. 


In sessions, I'll be guiding you through a variety of time tested methods, to help your brain to reprocess and rewrite old beliefs, behaviours and memories. This is when we also start creating your new beliefs and behaviours.


Through various tools and techniques, the work we do together will help create lasting change.

However long the issue has been affecting you, there is always hope. If you want to change, there is work that we can do together towards this.


And while change is a process which can take time, my clients are often surprised by how quickly they experience a noticeable difference in their lives.


Hypnotherapy is not a magic cure, but an effective approach to creating change. Hypnosis is a simple process of directing your focus and attention in a way that will allow your brain to take on new learnings and let go of old ones.


Anyone can be hypnotised if they are willing. It's not all about being very relaxed or asleep. It's an active process that part of your mind will take part in, so you'll be doing the work, I just guide you.


The way I work is aimed at making transformative changes in a short space of time. Depending on what you are looking for help with, you are likely to see significant shifts in the first few sessions.


Some issues, such as phobias and habits are often resolved in a single session.

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