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To say that Ben has changed my life would be a massive understatement. I went to Ben with anxiety controlling every aspect of my work and personal life, I wasn’t living my life, but trying to get through one minute at a time.
Ben worked on each of my triggers and broke them down by using Hypnotherapy and talking.
Ben is extremely professional and puts you at ease and every session feels safe. Ben went out of his way to tackle one of my triggers, of getting on a train and it will always be a proud moment we shared and the moment I realised I can do anything!
Ben has given me to tools to continue working on myself and adjusted my mindset to do whatever I want to and I know he will always be there if I need to go back
Thank you Ben

I went to control alcohol and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend.

Chilled easy to talk to simple answers to difficult questions, peace and love Ben your the man.

Many thanks to Ben for getting rid of my lifelong fear of spiders in one session! His calming voice and reassuring approach gave me confidence throughout.

Very professional, but also put me at ease. Hypnotherapy that really works.

Really warm, friendly and genuinely interested in providing the best support and guidance that is truly personalised and tailored to your needs!

I can’t say enough. Ben is incredibly easy to talk to & puts you at ease instantly. I have tried other ‘talking therapies’ but this has been a game changer for me. Having had several sessions I still have some work to do but the difference already is noticeable (not just to myself but others). If you feel like you’ve tried other avenues & they haven’t worked for you hypnotherapy may be what you’re looking for. The changes for me have been very quick, being able to address & move on from issues that have affected me for many, many years has been a real eye opener.

I was sceptical that this would actually work. However, Ben convinced me otherwise and I so glad he did. He was able to help me overcome a phobia in 8 weeks that I had struggled to overcome in 15 years. I cannot recommend highly enough, thanks Ben.

What can I say…. Unable to praise this highly enough. Five stars are not enough. After 30 years smoking 20+ a day - I am now a non smoker.
Ben was very professional and made me feel that I was in a safe space to talk about things. He explained the process really well, which alleviated any concerns I might have had.
Ben also was very accommodating regarding arranging the appointment to a time that suited me, which was excellent, as it meant that I could fit it around my work.
I shall certainly be going back to deal with self confidence issues etc.

Ben is an excellent hypnotherapist and after a really short time I felt calmer and more confident. Thanks Ben.

It would be fair to say that Horwich Hypnotherapy (Ben) has changed my life. After numerous trips to the doctor, a series of sessions with CBT and a lifetime of trying to fix anxiety by myself I decided that hypnotherapy may be worth a try. Right from the initial messages and phone call with Ben I knew I had made the right decision. He immediately seemed to sense what I needed in terms of help and laid out a plan that was built around me rather than saying I would need a certain number of sessions or to pay a certain amount. Ben was purely focused on fixing my problem rather than trying to sell a service and I liked that.
I visited the office on my first day full of nerves and trepidation but Ben's calm manor and mostly his great way of describing things soon had me engaged. Ben has a way with words and a way of explaining that makes things make sense so as well as the hypnotherapy you also get a lesson in the 'Why' which goes alongside and helps you between sessions.
This is not hypnotherapy where you go and are talked to, this is a joint venture to help you with whatever has taken you there. Ben is invested in you as a person and the sessions are enjoyable as much as effective.
I have found that the sessions and the work in between have been very effective, I have learned about what causes my anxiety and been given tools to help me fix it. I feel 100% better and ready to face the challenges of life again.
I would not hesitate to recommend Horwich Hypnotherapy to anyone but you do need to want for this to work as much as expect it to. There is hard work from both sides but in my experience it was more than worth it!
Thanks for all your help Ben and I will see you again in the future!!

From the first contact with Ben via telephone , I felt comfortable and assured help was at hand.
Within in eleven weeks I gained back my confidence, my happiness, my life, in all the misery and misfortune that surround us we close off the good things we have done or are and this is where week by week I was shown the good in me and how I can avoid hurt and pain.

There no pressure from Ben.. he listens , clear your mind of negativity so one can see clearly and apply his wisdom to our daily life, I would highly recommend Ben

After trying other forms of therapy with no real long lasting effect, I gave Horwich Hypnotherapy a go.
To say it has been life changing is an understatment. Ben has helped me in many areas of my life whilst keeping a great temprament and patience with me at all times.
I always felt safe and never like a number.
I would recommend him to anyone who wants more from themselfs and life but may be struggling to get the ball rolling or know where to start. For me personally Horwich Hypnotherapy has given me a fresh start on life and fully worth it.

Ben is extremely good at what he does my son loves him and within 3 or 4 sessions my son was a different person. More confident, more certain of what he wanted and his anxiety had subsided. Would highley recommend for anyone.

He was really great and really professional. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and have noticed a lasting change in my mood since seeing Ben. I would recommend this to anyone that feels that they need some support.

Thanks again

I started seeing Ben in June to see if he could help with my sugar addiction. A bit of a sceptic at first but even after the first session it was just WOW. I have seen such a difference in my mind set and feel so silly that I ever doubted it would work. 18lbs lighter, more energy and seem to be mostly in control. I am a convert. Thanks Ben

Ben truly is a master of his craft. He has helped me to overcome pre and post natal depression. He has brought to light past traumas and false beliefs that have been crippling me mentally for years and assisted in helping me put them to rest, see them for what they are and let them go. In turn replacing them with new and positive thought patterns that have helped me put to overcome my anxieties and regain my confidence and belief in myself once again.
With his help and guidance I have realised what it is I want from life for me and my family and given me the strength, belief and mental tools to realise that all is achievable.
Ben explains the workings of the mind and habitual thought patters so clearly that you are able to understand what is holding you back from achieving what it is that you choose to achieve.
I cannot recommend Ben’s hypnotherapy sessions highly enough. I am, and will always be, forever grateful.

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