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Your first appointment with Horwich Hypnotherapy is in the form of an initial consultation.

Running for around 90 minutes, this gives us plenty of time for you to help me fully understand your current situation so that I can best recognise how you will benefit from sessions.

We spend time in this initial consultation beginning to learn about how the brain works, and how different conditions affect us in the ways that they do, and what we are going to do to help you.

So often, during this initial session, my clients have an 'ah-ha' moment, beginning to see how this knowledge will serve them going forward.

The rest of this initial consultation is spend understanding how sessions are structured and how hypnosis will help you during our work together.

Subsequent sessions last for around an hour, although this is flexible as I find that sometimes our work is done within forty-five minutes and sometimes it can be closer to an hour and a quarter.

Sessions begin with what has gone well since our last session. By having these discussions, you begin to restructure the pathways in your brain, beginning over time to more naturally think in a positive way, which has major benefits to health and well-being.

As with the initial consultation, we discuss different aspects of how the brain works throughout sessions. The more understanding you have, the more control you have.

We often spend some time on goal setting, helping you to envisage the future that you want, and the small steps that you can take to manageably achieve it.

This leads us into the hypnosis element of the session, where I use various techniques to help you to reduce stress, build confidence, let go of old habits and adopt new ways of thinking. Hypnosis is a collaborative effort that we do together, and is not done to you.

My clients generally feel relaxed and positive after a session and report that this feeling builds up continually over time as the begin to feel the effects benefiting all areas of their lives and those around them.

Please use the link below to listen to the relaxation track that i provide to my clients

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